O3 Cross-Chain Wallet

Asset Management, Swap, Bridge, Gas Station... All in O3!

O3 cross-chain wallet is a mobile cross-chain smart wallet specially created for DeFi users, operating independently of the O3 Wallet. It supports one-click switching and customization of any EVM-compatible chains with user-friendly interface. The O3 cross-chain wallet also has a built-in cross-chain DEX aggregator. Asset Management, Swap, Bridge, Gas Station... All in O3! Users can explore the Web3.0 world at the tip of their fingers.

Safe and Reliable Digital Asset management Service

As an 100% non-custodial cross-chain smart wallet, O3 cross-chain wallet supports one-click switching of any EVM-compatible chains including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Avalanche, OKC, Heco, etc., and custom networks. More importantly, O3 cross-chain wallet can safely store crypto assets on multiple blockchains with only one set of mnemonic phrases/private keys.

Manage Your O3 Cross-Chain Wallet

  • Take ownership of you private keys and assets. O3 will never store your private information or sensitive data.

  • Set up contact addresses to quickly send/receive assets.

  • Log into your wallet with Fingerprint/Face ID.

  • Support multiple languages and currencies.

  • Real-time tracking of all your transactions.

Handheld Cross-Chain DEX Aggregator

In addition to the basic functions of a high-quality encrypted wallet, O3 cross-chain wallet also incorporates the functionalities of Bridge, Swap, and Gas Station offered in O3 Interchange. By aggregating the liquidity of multiple DEXs, users have more choices on cross-chain transactions and are no longer limited to cross-chain symmetric assets. Through the wallet, real-time cross-chain transaction of any asymmetric native assets, and even the swap of main assets (Gas) on any EVM-compatible chain can be realized. It saves users the process of going to CEXs to buy, sell and send assets. In the future, O3 cross-chain wallet will integrate more DEXs and cross-chain bridges to further improve efficiency.

3-in-1 Auto-Shift

When we designed the O3 cross-chain wallet,our goal was to deliver a user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use product. Therefore, whether you are a DeFi newbie or seasoned investor, you only need to click the "Swap" button to initiate a cross-chain transaction.

Let's Look at Some Details

For easy reference, users can search for a recent transaction on the recent transaction list. When a cross-chain exchange is in progress, the blank space at the bottom of Swap page will display the progress in real-time. Of course, you can also customize the slippage. Just like that, a safe, direct and cost-effective asset exchange is completed in O3 cross-chain wallet.

We hope that O3 cross-chain wallet can provide users with a refreshing visual experience, in addition to helping users store, manage and transfer their crypto assets .

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