How to Create an O3 Cross-Chain Wallet

This section is divided into two parts:

1. You are creating an O3 wallet for the first time.

2. You have already created an Ethereum wallet in O3 and want to create another wallet with a different address.

1. Using O3 for the first time

Step 1: Open the downloaded O3, click [Create Wallet], read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. IOS users will enter the wallet creation page directly, and Android users need to click [Create Wallet] to enter the wallet creation page.

Step 2: Enter your preferred wallet name. The password is required to have at least 8 characters of numbers + letters. Then type in the password again and confirm your wallet password.

Step 3: Follow the same instructions above to create and backup your new wallet.

Step 4: Entering wallet backup page. Backup is the most important step in wallet creation and also the final step for successfully creating your wallet. Click the [Backup] button to back up your wallet 's Secret Recovery Phrase safely and correctly.

Step 5: Entering the Secret Recovery Phrase backup verification page. Fill in the Secret Recovery Phrase correctly in their designated order.

After completing the steps above, your O3 Cross-Chain Wallet is officially created. Start your cross-chain journey with O3 now!

2. Creating Another Wallet with a Different Address

If you already have an O3 wallet and would like to create another wallet with a different address, please refer to the steps below:

Step 1: [Me ]—— [Manage Wallet];

Step 2: Click [+] —— [Create Wallet];

Step 3: Follow the instructions, create and backup your new wallet.

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