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What are EVM-Compatible Blockchains?

EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine. A virtual machine is created by software to emulate a personal computer. Virtual machine has the same software and hardware computing power from the physical computer it emulated from. All of our daily operations can be executed on this brand new and stand-alone virtual system, such as installing, running software, and storing data. The Ethereum Virtual Machine is a virtual machine built upon the Ethereum blockchain. Programs can be executed without interference and separated from the main chain. Developers can conveniently and readily deploy Ethereum chain smart contracts onto a EVM-compatible blockchain instead of writing codes for the smart contracts from the very beginning.

Compared with the Ethereum blockchain, EVM-compatible blockchains have lower gas fee, faster settlement and transaction speed with the same format of contract address starting with 0x.

What Happens if I Transfer to a Wrong Address?

Once the blockchain confirms a transaction, it cannot be canceled or recalled. You can only contact the receipt to return the asset. If you accidentally transferred assets to a wrong address, the only way for you to possibly recover your asset is to find the owner of the address.

Thus, please find out the owner of the recipient's address and try to recover using the following options:

  • If the recipient’s address is your address on another platform, please contact the platform’s staff;

  • If the recipient’s address belongs to your friend, please explain to your friend what happened;

  • If the recipient’s address is a token's contract address, please contact the developer of the token and ask if they can return your asset.

When you Import a Wallet, Systems Shows Private keys/Mnemonic Phrases are Wrong

Mnemonic Phrases are Wrong:

  • Wrong order: the mnemonic phrases are composed of several words. It’s important to enter them in the correct order when you import a wallet.

  • Spelling error: misspelling can lead to failure when importing a wallet. Spelling needs to be double-checked.

  • Incomplete mnemonic phrases: Mnemonic phrases typically contain twelve words. Please make sure all the correct words are entered.

  • No spaces between mnemonic phrases: When you enter the mnemonic phrases, there should be spaces between words.

Private Key:

  • Incomplete private key: private key is a combination of 64 numbers and letters. Please double check when you enter them.

  • Mixing up capital/non-capital letters with numbers: it is possible to mix up letters with numbers because the private key contains look-alike letters and numbers,. The most frequent mix-ups are : 0 with O, 1 with I, 6 with b, K with k.

Note: there is no letter O in any private key.

No Asset Found in the Wallet After Importing a Wallet

Wallet Address Changes After Import

If you find the wallet address changes after importing a wallet, please check if you have backed up multiple private keys or mnemonic phrases. Each set of private key and mnemonic phrases should only match with one address. Please find the correct private key/mnemonic phrases and import again.

No Asset Found in the Wallet after Importing a Wallet

If you don’t see your assets after importing a wallet, please check if the imported wallet address is the same as your previous wallet address. If no discrepancy was found, you can try to search for your token manually in the search bar. If there’s discrepancy in the two addresses, you most likely entered the wrong private key/mnemonic phrases.

Please consider the following two scenarios when troubleshooting:

  • Please check if you backed up multiple private keys/mnemonic phrases. Each set of private key and mnemonic phrases should only match with one address. Please find the correct mnemonic phrases/private key and reenter.

  • Please check if you have entered the wrong private key/mnemonic phrases and generated a wrong address. Please double check and make sure everything is correct before importing your wallet.

The Password is Wrong/Cannot be Found, How to Recover?

If your password is wrong or cannot be found ,you can reset the wallet password by importing the private key/mnemonic phrases.

The transfer was Successful but the Other Party did not Receive the Assets.

  • If the recipient’s address is a wallet address, please make sure the address was entered correctly.

  • If the address is correct, you may check the progress through the corresponding blockchain browser. If the blockchain browser confirms the transfer was successful, please contact the corresponding wallet’s support team.

  • If the recipient’s address is a trading platform, you might need to wait for the platform to review the legitimacy of the transfer before the funds arrive. If the review takes too long, you can contact the support team at the trading platform for resolution.

If I Have Other Questions, Who do I Contact?

You can reach us at our official email (support@o3.network).

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