How to Backup Your Wallet Safely\Properly

Reminder: The backup of your wallet is the only way for you to retrieve your assets, so please keep it safe. The Secret Recovery Phrase has the same function as the private key, so it is recommended to back up the Secret Recovery Phrase.

Click the [Detail] button on the O3 Wallet homepage → [Backup Wallet] → [Secret Recovery Phrase / Private Key /Keystore], enter the wallet password to back up your phrase.

Backup Private Key:

The private key are a combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters. Therefore, users must pay extra attention to the distinction between numbers and the upper/lower case of letters when backing up. We recommend you to copy the private key by hand and keep it away from the internet.

Backup Secret Recovery Phrase

The Secret Recovery Phrase are another form of the private key, usually composed of 12 random words. Compared to the private key, we strongly recommend users back up the Secret Recovery Phrase because a block of words are easier to back up than private key. In O3 cross-chain wallet, one set of Secret Recovery Phrase can manage assets on multiple EVM-compatible chains. When backing up, you need to copy the block of words in the order they appear.

Backup Keystore

Keystore are the encrypted version of the private key. Although it is encrypted, we cannot let down our guard and use internet or USB flash disk while backing up. In additon, it needs to be backed up with the current password.

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