How to collect dApps?

Open the O3 cross-chain wallet and click [Discover] at the bottom menu bar to enter the dApp page.

In the dApp list, O3 supports the top hot dApps of each network, and due to the large number of dApps in the entire list, you need to slide the networks, then you can manage them through the [Favorites] function if you use Dapps frequently .

Take O3 Interchange under BNB Chain as an example:

1.BNB Chain→O3 Interchange, click to connect to your wallet;

2.Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the dApp page (As shown below)

3.Click the [Collect] icon.

After completing the above operations, return to [Discover] and you will find that the O3 Interchange you just collected has been displayed in the [Favorites] column. The Collection feature is only available for the dApps we have on the shelves, and if you want to cancel the collection, you can follow the steps above to manage it.

In addition to the dApps we support, you can also search through the search box under Banner on the dApp page. Enter the dApp name or dApp URL in the search box, select the dApp you want to access based on the search display, and approve to visit.

Apart from the favorites and search functions, we also regularly recommend popular and latest dApps at the top of the favorites list column for everyone to understand and participate in.

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